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The mission of Nico's Tree is to support patients and their families during the time they need it most. We are proud to offer the services below to help, in some small manner, ease the burden families face during treatment.

Emergency Relief Funding

This program provides financial assistance to help with housing costs, utility bills, food and travel expenses, and other essential needs during times of hospitalization when families are struggling to remain by their child's side while also trying to maintain a household and care for other family members such as siblings. This assistance is also valuable during the critical months following a transplant or chemotherapy as families often cannot participate in everyday life as they once did in order to protect their child from threat of infections or relapse. Please email us to inquire about our Emergency Relief Funding program.

Bravery Backpacks

Our "Bravery Backpacks" are personalized chemo-care kits created especially for patients who are about to undergo treatment or hospitalization. These backpacks feature items to help assist your child through their stay and include items to provide comfort and diversion. Backpacks are customized for patients and created uniquely for them. Please email us to inquire about our Bravery Backpacks. Tell us a little bit about your child and w will help create a personalized pack just for them.

Mini-Wish Granting

Is there something special that may help brighten your child's day as they are undergoing treatment or recovery? Let us know and we will work to help grant that wish. Siblings, such as those who have donated bone marrow or provided support in some other way during your child's treatment, are also eligible for wishes. If your child would like their wish granted or would like to nominate their sibling for a wish, please fill out our Mini-Wish Granting application form.

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